Telephony Call charges are an overhead that escalates for most organisations.
Our voice solutions ensure you benefit from cost-effective and efficient communications both internally amongst your sites and externally for your customers and suppliers.
Openreach Provisioning
Bespoke Bundles
Single Point of Contact
Flexible Numbering

Telesis are able to provision wholesale line rental services directly with BT Openreach in the same way that BT Retail do.  This means that we have equal access to the Openreach installation and support resources.

Telesis can offer bespoke bundled packages designed to fit your business with the flexibility to change with your needs. Simplify your billing by having all services on one easy to understand invoice.

One single point of contact for customer services. Access to Telesis in house engineering team as well as BT Openreach. Different care levels to cater for your business requirements

Geographic and Non-Geographic inbound virtual numbers to offer your business local and national presence. Ability to reroute to different locations as required and provide disaster recovery capability.

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