Fibre broadband is where a fibre cable runs from an exchange to a street cabinet that contains broadband equipment. From here, it is linked to buildings and homes via an existing copper network, which then connects the building to fibre broadband. This results in lightning-fast download speeds with more resilience and stability than traditional broadband.
Increase Capacity
Increase Quality
Increase Productivity
Enable cloud Services

Enjoy higher quality voice and video calls.

Less waiting time for rich media, large files and online business processes.

Utilise more cloud computing resources, thereby reducing hardware and software expense.

Surf, upload or download data quickly, even when several users are on the same connection.

If you are looking for an unrestricted, ultrafast broadband connection, then EFM or a leased line service is a great option. These products offer a private, uncontended connection for exclusive use by you and your business. Enjoy guaranteed efficiency, reliability and unlimited data usage.

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